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ET23PRO Wifi Streaming Karaoke Dual Wireless Microphone System + 5,145 songs & 4 song chip slots built-in comes with a 1 year Subscription card

ET23PRO Wifi Streaming Karaoke Dual Wireless Microphone System + 5,145 songs & 4 song chip slots built-in comes with a 1 year Subscription card

$ 499.99 $ 599.00

This product is no longer available due to Discontinued by Manufacture & We have sold out completely.   

The new MagicSing ET23PRO is the easiest and the most advanced to use All-In-One Karaoke System. Just plug in to your TV, connect to your wi-fi and start streaming songs. 12,000+ English songs are already available on the music streaming server which gets updated weekly. With its intuitive user interface and simple design, singers can easily customize melody, tune, echo, tempo and other functions for the best singing experience and performance. Accessing the song list is also available through the MagicSing App which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  1 year subscription code to access over 280,000+ international songs (14 languages -  in English(pop), Korean(K-pop), Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, German, Thai, Russian, Turkish, and Mongolian. New songs are updated on a weekly basis for you to sing all your favorite new songs.)

Note:  Language selections may be changed without prior notice by manufacture. For any concerns, please contact us before purchase.

12,000+ English songs
40,000+ Korean songs
16,500+ Filipino songs
16,000+ Spanish songs 
25,000+ Vietnamese songs
34,000+ Japanese songs
30,000+ Mandarin songs
16,000+ Hindi songs 
13,000+ Bengali songs 
11,000+ German songs 
17,000+ Thai songs
12,000+ Russian songs 
13,000+ Turkish songs
12,000+ Mongolian songs

Also 4 song-chip slots are available.

Product Features

  • WiFi – Connect and sing 10,000+ English karaoke songs (Download the MyStage app to sing more karaoke songs through your ET23Pro in Tagalog, Hindi, Korean, Spanish, Russian, & more)
  • SONG CHIP - Fit up to 4 Magic Sing song chips 
  • UPDATES - Download the MyStage Karaoke app and sing all the newest English Karaoke Songs with your ET23Pro machine
  • INCLUDES - Two (2) wireless microphones
  • ROMANIZATION -  Romanization for Korean karaoke song lyrics and Mandarin karaoke song lyrics makes it easier for you to follow and sing along. 
  • SHEET MUSIC – Sheet Music is available for most karaoke songs. Learn how to play your favorite karaoke songs! 
  • SEARCH SONGS WHILE SINGING – Easily find and reserve karaoke songs by typing or searching the song title or artist (speech recognition available) 
  • SUPPORT – HD, HDTV, USB flash drive, Micro SD card support and multi-language compatible
  • ADJUSTABLE - Control, customize, and adjust instrumentals of each song (piano, guitar, bass, drum, string, and brass)
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Change your background display and customize your songs music by adjusting the volume, melody, key, echo, and tempo
  • SCORE SYSTEM - Watch your score rise as you sing your favorite karaoke song




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