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KOD-2800 Karaoke Music Jukebox with Touch Screen Support - Chinese Edition

$ 999.00

Song combination choices:

 # of Songs 
HDD   Mandarin   Cantonese   Taiwanese   Others  Total 
 6TB 29,613 9,314    6,187 6,529 51,643
8TB 29,613 9,314    6,187 55,000 100,114
10TB 55,721 12,346 8,236 15,741 92,044
12TB 55,721 12,346 8,236 55,000 131,303
18TB-1 98,421 19,948 12,115 15,741 146,225
18TB-2 98,421 19,948 12,115 55,000 185,484

The Acesonic KOD-2800 is a full function karaoke player and Audio/Video Jukebox. With the ability to support 1080p video and and file types, you can load up your best videos and play them on demand very easily all in high definition (if your files are HD).

Single or dual screen is supported with the latter making it easier to select songs. To go one step further, you can even use a touch screen for the ultimate experience. Add up to two hard drives of up to 10TB each combining for a large storage space for your media. You can add songs by connecting the player to your PC via USB.


  • Full function Karaoke and Audio/ Video Jukebox
  • High Definition 1080p output for clear and sharp video images
  • Easy to operate with instant access to song library by mouse, remote controller, and touch screen
  • Support MPEG1(dat, mpeg)/MPEG2 (vob, mpeg)/ MPEG4 (Avi, Divx, Xvid)/MP3/ JPEG/ MP3G formats
  • Supports handwriting recognition (with optional touch screen)
  • Single or dual screen for selecting songs
  • Support two hard drives of up to 10 TB max each
  • Update/ Add songs (via USB port to your PC)
  • Select songs by artist, song title, language, & song number
  • Random, auto & repeat play


  • 1080p HDMI output
  • VGA output for touch screen TV
  • One set RCA output for audio
  • Two sets of RCA output for videos
  • Two 1/4″ microphone inputs


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